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The Five Best Books I Read in 2020

Well, I am no Bill Gates. But I love reading and I am always on the hunt for a good book. So here are my favorite books of 2020.

Explore Zion in 1 Day: The Narrows, Observation Point, Watchman Trail

If you are planning to spend one day in Zion, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Meet Google Optimize, Your New Go-To Tool to Design Online Experiments

Google Optimize is a free platform to design and run website experiments including A/B tests and multivariate tests (MVT). It’s built on top of Google Analytics and a native member of Google’s marketing ecosystem.

Free Data Visualization and Exploration Tools

Here are a few free data visualization and exploration tools for non-coders/programmers: DIVE, RawGraphs, Metabase, and Google Data Studio. And If you’re an R user, Plotly and Shiny are perfect packages to build beautiful and interactive charts and dashboards.

Must-Have R Packages (libraries) for Data Analytics

TL;DR: If you’re a data scientist/analyst, these are the R packages you must have: tidyverse (ggplot2, dplyr, readr etc), xml2, caret, sqldf, tseries, zoo, forecast, randomForest, tree, gam, e1071, xml2, ggmap, caret, pls, plotly.